Sunday, November 06, 2005

MIC Internet

What everyone who uses Internet must wrap their brain power around is the fact thatInternet technology was first developed for, by and of the Military Industrial Complex. Al Gore assembled engineers and promoted through legislation Internet technology. Al Gore really did help build Internet.

If you want to embrace blind faith as your marker then the following wont alarm you. Internet from its beginning has always had back doors and monitoring built in. What you say and do on Internet is completely available to MIC. If you should come to their attention your Internet activity can then be accessed and known by MIC.

Search words help and the new craze of tagging everything you post about makes it easier forMIC to follow you. You tag something 9-11 and MIC enters 9-11 and there you are on their list.


Yep, Im on Internet and Im blogging on MIC Internet. Why am I here if I know its totally monitored? Even after my house was broken into. After a local police car was stationed outside my home when I left for work why am I still here? Even after I was followed on my way to work then followed home after work and in an obvious way so I knew I was being followed, why am I still here?

Everything is monitored.

Phones, automobiles, postal letters, all communication.

As in the movie Fahrenheit 451 in the scene where the fire department (book burners) arrive at a home and the neighbor says she suspected them all along.


She notes the house did not have a TV antenna.

So if you and/or I were to drop out of the corrupt system that too is a communication to the corrupt system of your thinking. The best defense is to get everyone admitting that everything is monitored so that when one of us is taken, the reason for the action on the part of the corrupt system is known.

Pretending that we all believe a corrupt system isnt always corrupt is foolish. Furthermore if the corrupt system knows that we know its corrupt and that we are willing to defend our Sovereignty anyway, this is ultimate patriotic act, supporting and protecting our Sovereignty, that we will ever do.

When we pretend not to know that we know we allow the corruption to go on and grow!!!!!!!!!

Why do soldiers who according to military code must disobey an illegal order kill men, women, children and babies in an illegal police action such as currently is under way in Iraq?


They turn themselves into war criminals because they arent heroes but cowards. They conform, cower and comply, even when their own military code protects them, they still kill men, women, children and babies an act that goes against their military duty to disobey illegal orders!

Is it anywonder that when they return many soldiers have battle fatigue?

Killing innocent men, women, children and babies after illegally bombing them into the dust thenrushing in while they are bleeding and occupying their Sovereign nation is brutality at its heigth of hypocrisy. It is a ritualistic blood sacrifice on the alter of corruption.

There is no more dishonor than this. There is no worse brutality than this.

The beheading of individuals by Muslims killed one person who may be involved in war crimes, US Sovereigns were told this was an appalling act. Yet dropping bombs from 50,000 feet hitting civilian targets in an admitted attack design to "shock and awe" is honorable?!


Iraqis defending their country on their own soil against foreign invaders are the problem?


GWBush has the gall to state that the problem in Iraq is too many foreign fighters in Iraq. Then Mr. President, pull the foreign troops under your command in Iraq out!

No fellow Sovereigns, this police action according our Federal US Constitution is illegal.

We do ourselves and our nation dishonor the longer we break our own Laws.

You want to declare WAR in Iraq, then fucking do so!

Write your Congressperson today.

Wait...its too late for that. Were there illegally and must getout, not according to a One World Government, nor any other nations sayso. We must do so according to our own US Federal Constitution.

You want to scrap the US Federal Constitution, then do so!

Until then fellow Sovereigns get off your ass and defend our honor. Stop the One World Government manipulation of our armed forces.

Lets obey our own Laws.

Yours in Sovereignty,

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