Sunday, November 13, 2005

CENSORED by Blogger (?)

Rather than wait for some limp dick punk or some dried up vagina to flag my blogger blog I'm outta here.

Instead of telling someone who isn't forced to visit my site to fuck off they get to fuck me and I ain't having it.

Goodbye to Censorship

Goodbye to Sovereignty

Hello Sovereignty, Hello knowgood

Shay's Rebellion

Shay's rebellion

Shay's Rebellion

Let us us not forget about Shays’ rebellion. Daniel Shay was a farmer and a former war veteran. Unfair governmental policies, which entailed high taxes and useless paper currency, caused him to lead a rebellion. Shays’ well-organized rebels lashed out against the central government. The rebels stormed places using guns, swords, and strong-armed tactics. They were even bold enough to mob courthouses. The rebellion caused our founding fathers to see that the articles of confederation were weak.

It's too bad for US Sovereigns and all Sovereigns that the result of Shay's Rebellion did not return to us more of our power and control.

Yours in Sovereignty,

John Wesley - investigative reporting

Why is Paris Burning?

The answer goes to a detailed description of the hypocrisy of French political culture, which gleefully depicts itself as too civilized, too secular and too "sophisticated" to nurture hostility or animus toward any ethnic group or religion, including Islam. The reality, alas, is quite the contrary.

read all about it

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Your the Media Now

Sovereign worker unionMost of us drive to work and many of us work thirty miles or more from work so we are part of many communities. Same with blogs.

I've got a blog here too. This is my icon taken from a real Sovereign Worker Union the IWW

blog source iconblogsource is a great place for a second home as is blogger.
The web is a big place and we can live in many communities, forums, commenting, blogging and even our own audio, video with places like our media and open media network that has programs of video and audio by you and Sovereigns like you.You can upload your own at all these places.

Get active.


Now is your time.

New Browser - Flock

Trying out a new browser called FLOCK and its blog feature. We'll see how everything works out. I just went to break for news and clicked on this picture and dragged it onto the web editor and here is the picture. Neat stuff.

There's no formatting the pictuere yet, a feature that I hope they develop so that text can wrap around the graphic.

This is neat though, just drag the graphic onto the blog editor and its there!

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Power source that turns physics on its head

Fuel's paradise? Power source that turns physics on its head

· Scientist says device disproves quantum theory
· Opponents claim idea is result of wrong maths

Alok Jha, science correspondent
Friday November 4, 2005
The Guardian

It seems too good to be true: a new source of near-limitless power that costs virtually nothing, uses tiny amounts of water as its fuel and produces next to no waste. If that does not sound radical enough, how about this: the principle behind the source turns modern physics on its head.
Randell Mills, a Harvard University medic who also studied electrical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, claims to have built a prototype power source that generates up to 1,000 times more heat than conventional fuel. Independent scientists claim to have verified the experiments and Dr Mills says that his company, Blacklight Power, has tens of millions of dollars in investment lined up to bring the idea to market. And he claims to be just months away from unveiling his creation.

The problem is that according to the rules of quantum mechanics, the physics that governs the behaviour of atoms, the idea is theoretically impossible. "Physicists are quite conservative. It's not easy to convince them to change a theory that is accepted for 50 to 60 years. I don't think [Mills's] theory should be supported," said Jan Naudts, a theoretical physicist at the University of Antwerp.

What has much of the physics world up in arms is Dr Mills's claim that he has produced a new form of hydrogen, the simplest of all the atoms, with just a single proton circled by one electron. In his "hydrino", the electron sits a little closer to the proton than normal, and the formation of the new atoms from traditional hydrogen releases huge amounts of energy.

This is scientific heresy. According to quantum mechanics, electrons can only exist in an atom in strictly defined orbits, and the shortest distance allowed between the proton and electron in hydrogen is fixed. The two particles are simply not allowed to get any closer.

According to Dr Mills, there can be only one explanation: quantum mechanics must be wrong. "We've done a lot of testing. We've got 50 independent validation reports, we've got 65 peer-reviewed journal articles," he said. "We ran into this theoretical resistance and there are some vested interests here. People are very strong and fervent protectors of this [quantum] theory that they use."

Rick Maas, a chemist at the University of North Carolina at Asheville (UNC) who specialises in sustainable energy sources, was allowed unfettered access to Blacklight's laboratories this year. "We went in with a healthy amount of scepticism. While it would certainly be nice if this were true, in my position as head of a research institution, I really wouldn't want to make a mistake. The last thing I want is to be remembered as the person who derailed a lot of sustainable energy investment into something that wasn't real."

But Prof Maas and Randy Booker, a UNC physicist, left under no doubt about Dr Mill's claims. "All of us who are not quantum physicists are looking at Dr Mills's data and we find it very compelling," said Prof Maas. "Dr Booker and I have both put our professional reputations on the line as far as that goes."

Dr Mills's idea goes against almost a century of thinking. When scientists developed the theory of quantum mechanics they described a world where measuring the exact position or energy of a particle was impossible and where the laws of classical physics had no effect. The theory has been hailed as one of the 20th century's greatest achievements.

But it is an achievement Dr Mills thinks is flawed. He turned back to earlier classical physics to develop a theory which, unlike quantum mechanics, allows an electron to move much closer to the proton at the heart of a hydrogen atom and, in doing so, release the substantial amounts of energy he seeks to exploit. Dr Mills's theory, known as classical quantum mechanics and published in the journal Physics Essays in 2003, has been criticised most publicly by Andreas Rathke of the European Space Agency. In a damning critique published recently in the New Journal of Physics, he argued that Dr Mills's theory was the result of mathematical mistakes.

Dr Mills argues that there are plenty of flaws in Dr Rathke's critique. "His paper's riddled with mistakes. We've had other physicists contact him and say this is embarrassing to the journal and [Dr Rathke] won't respond," said Dr Mills.

While the theoretical tangle is unlikely to resolve itself soon, those wanting to exploit the technology are pushing ahead. "We would like to understand it from an academic standpoint and then we would like to be able to use the implications to actually produce energy products," said Prof Maas. "The companies that are lining up behind this are household names."

Dr Mills will not go into details of who is investing in his research but rumours suggest a range of US power companies. It is well known also that Nasa's institute of advanced concepts has funded research into finding a way of using Blacklight's technology to power rockets.

According to Prof Maas, the first product built with Blacklight's technology, which will be available in as little as four years, will be a household heater. As the technology is scaled up, he says, bigger furnaces will be able to boil water and turn turbines to produce electricity.

In a recent economic forecast, Prof Maas calculated that hydrino energy would cost around 1.2 cents (0.7p) per kilowatt hour. This compares to an average of 5 cents per kWh for coal and 6 cents for nuclear energy.

"If it's wrong, it will be proven wrong," said Kert Davies, research director of Greenpeace USA. "But if it's right, it is so important that all else falls away. It has the potential to solve our dependence on oil. Our stance is of cautious optimism."

Alternative energy

Cold fusion

More than 16 years after chemists' claims to have created a star in a jar imploded in acrimony, the US government has said it might fund more research. Mainstream physicists still balk at reports that a beaker of cold water and metal electrodes can produce excess heat, but a hardy band of scientists across the world refuse to let the dream die.

Methane hydrates

The US and Japan are leading attempts to tap this source of fossil fuel buried beneath the seabed and Arctic permafrost. A mixture of ice and natural gas, hydrates are believed to contain more carbon than existing reserves of oil, coal and gas put together.

Solar chimneys

Sunlight heats trapped air, which rises through a giant chimney and drives turbines. Leonardo da Vinci designed such a power tower and the Australian company Enviromission plans to build one. Despite being scaled down recently, the concrete chimney will still stand some 700 metres over the outback.

Nuclear fusion

Turns nuclear power on its head by combining atoms rather than splitting them to release energy - copying the reaction at the heart of the sun. After years of arguments the world has agreed to build a test reactor to see whether it works on a commercial scale. Called Iter, it could be switched on within a decade.

Wave generators

No longer a dead duck, the hopes of engineers are riding on bobbing floats again. The British company Trident Energy recently unveiled a design that uses a linear generator to convert the motion of the sea into electricity. A wave farm just a few hundred metres across could power 62,000 homes.

David Adam

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Double Standard Mr. Vice President?

While Vice President Dick Cheney is quick to remind people that I Lewis "Scooter" Libby is innocent until proven quilty, yet Vice President Dick Cheney doen't want to endorse a bill that would ban torture of supspected terrorists.

Be the way, some of these terrorist have been held for years without being charged with a crime and some of them have been tortured.

Innocent until proven guilty for Dick Cheney's cheif of staff, guilty just for being suspected and yet to be charge with a crime for others.

Sounds like a double standard.

Yours in Sovereignty,

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

MIC Internet

What everyone who uses Internet must wrap their brain power around is the fact thatInternet technology was first developed for, by and of the Military Industrial Complex. Al Gore assembled engineers and promoted through legislation Internet technology. Al Gore really did help build Internet.

If you want to embrace blind faith as your marker then the following wont alarm you. Internet from its beginning has always had back doors and monitoring built in. What you say and do on Internet is completely available to MIC. If you should come to their attention your Internet activity can then be accessed and known by MIC.

Search words help and the new craze of tagging everything you post about makes it easier forMIC to follow you. You tag something 9-11 and MIC enters 9-11 and there you are on their list.


Yep, Im on Internet and Im blogging on MIC Internet. Why am I here if I know its totally monitored? Even after my house was broken into. After a local police car was stationed outside my home when I left for work why am I still here? Even after I was followed on my way to work then followed home after work and in an obvious way so I knew I was being followed, why am I still here?

Everything is monitored.

Phones, automobiles, postal letters, all communication.

As in the movie Fahrenheit 451 in the scene where the fire department (book burners) arrive at a home and the neighbor says she suspected them all along.


She notes the house did not have a TV antenna.

So if you and/or I were to drop out of the corrupt system that too is a communication to the corrupt system of your thinking. The best defense is to get everyone admitting that everything is monitored so that when one of us is taken, the reason for the action on the part of the corrupt system is known.

Pretending that we all believe a corrupt system isnt always corrupt is foolish. Furthermore if the corrupt system knows that we know its corrupt and that we are willing to defend our Sovereignty anyway, this is ultimate patriotic act, supporting and protecting our Sovereignty, that we will ever do.

When we pretend not to know that we know we allow the corruption to go on and grow!!!!!!!!!

Why do soldiers who according to military code must disobey an illegal order kill men, women, children and babies in an illegal police action such as currently is under way in Iraq?


They turn themselves into war criminals because they arent heroes but cowards. They conform, cower and comply, even when their own military code protects them, they still kill men, women, children and babies an act that goes against their military duty to disobey illegal orders!

Is it anywonder that when they return many soldiers have battle fatigue?

Killing innocent men, women, children and babies after illegally bombing them into the dust thenrushing in while they are bleeding and occupying their Sovereign nation is brutality at its heigth of hypocrisy. It is a ritualistic blood sacrifice on the alter of corruption.

There is no more dishonor than this. There is no worse brutality than this.

The beheading of individuals by Muslims killed one person who may be involved in war crimes, US Sovereigns were told this was an appalling act. Yet dropping bombs from 50,000 feet hitting civilian targets in an admitted attack design to "shock and awe" is honorable?!


Iraqis defending their country on their own soil against foreign invaders are the problem?


GWBush has the gall to state that the problem in Iraq is too many foreign fighters in Iraq. Then Mr. President, pull the foreign troops under your command in Iraq out!

No fellow Sovereigns, this police action according our Federal US Constitution is illegal.

We do ourselves and our nation dishonor the longer we break our own Laws.

You want to declare WAR in Iraq, then fucking do so!

Write your Congressperson today.

Wait...its too late for that. Were there illegally and must getout, not according to a One World Government, nor any other nations sayso. We must do so according to our own US Federal Constitution.

You want to scrap the US Federal Constitution, then do so!

Until then fellow Sovereigns get off your ass and defend our honor. Stop the One World Government manipulation of our armed forces.

Lets obey our own Laws.

Yours in Sovereignty,

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

R U Patriotic?

Do you question the military industrial complex/intelligence agencies illegal police action in Iraq?

Do you ask any questions at all?

Perhaps consuming without question the daily embedded media censored propaganda is your idea of a great USA.

After having been proven that GWBush lied about Iraq our secular nation is still occupying Iraq illegally.

A patriot doesn't agree with their leaders when their leaders are wrong.

A patriot stands up, takes responsibility and demands accountability to those leaders who lie to us.

Even when the lie supports our position.

You will never set the world right by engaging in wrong doing.

Thanks for your time.

Yours in Sovereignty,

Embedded Media is No Sovereign

It used to be a secret. Now it's not a secret anymore. The so called mainstream media has always been embedded with Government representatives and appointed Government officals. Now the reporters are embedded as well. The whole covert operation is now an overt operation.

Most US Sovereigns are too busy these days working for their survival to notice. Plenty of seemingly investigative news appears to be reported. More often than not it is a control piece presented for distraction.

The popular "Let it happen" correctness is absurd. GWBush lied about Iraq and he knew he was lying. GWBush lied about 9-11 and he knew he was lying and purposely lied. There was no failure of reason or misapplied logic, it was and remains a Lie told by a Liar.

The real Judith Miller story is yet another example:

There's nothing wrong with this picture if Judith Miller is an intelligence operative for the U.S. government. But if she's supposed to be a journalist, this is a preposterous situation -- and the fact that the New York Times has tolerated it tells us a lot about that newspaper.


In elite medialand, the careers of journalists at the New York Times loom large. In contrast, the lives of American soldiers -- and especially the lives of Iraqis -- are more like abstractions while the breathless accounts of press palace intrigues unfold.

The apex of the Times hierarchy has provided no indication of personal remorse or institutional accountability. And the next time agenda-setting for U.S. military action -- against Iran or Syria or wherever -- shifts into high gear, it's very unlikely that the New York Times or other top-tier U.S. media outlets will present major roadblocks.


Why should the embedded media be a roadblock. They are just another branch of the intelligence agencies. They are the pysops division.

Article Link

Yours in Sovereignty,


War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death
War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death

Attacks on Pledge Ruling Bolster Its Logic

Attacks on Pledge Ruling Bolster Its Logic


Though support for the court ruling was limited in the leading U.S. papers, the criticisms of the decision in some ways backed up the court's reasoning. Several critics adopted the position of the appeals court's dissenter, saying that "under God" is not an establishment of religion because it is a "rote civic exercise" (New York Times, 6/27/02), a "harmless civic recitation" (Newsday, 6/28/02) with "such a minimal religious effect" (New York Times, 6/28/02). "God's name is just a frill, a space-filler in the unthinking torrent of much daily conversation," claimed Fisher in the Washington Post (6/27/02).

But at the same time, many opponents of the decision warned that it could provoke a powerful, emotional response from believers. The New York Times(6/27/02) warned that it was "inviting a political backlash," whose effects Rosen spelled out in the paper the next day: "That ruling will almost certainly galvanize Republicans to push for the appointment of conservative judges who will seek to place religion in the center of public life." The Washington Post (6/27/02) noted that the ruling " can only serve to generate unnecessary political battles and create a fundraising bonanza for the many groups who will rush to its defense.

As I've posted several times, there's nothing more politically correct than "God Bless America", "In God We Trust", "Merry Christmas", "God Bless You" and what's worse is that these Orwellians want us to accept doublethink and newspeak without question. Why there's nothing religious about "Under God" (another politically correct phrase) in our pledge.

OK, then why do religious institutions and persons want "Under God" in the pledge?

Bill O'Reilly once said that the term "God" was a secular term, the out the other side of his mouth said basically that we all knew who this "God" was. It's a nudge, nudge, wink, wink breaking of the spirit of the Law while trying to appear to uphold the Law.

Surely their "Concept of a God Theory" doesn't need to be enforced by Government to get people to worship. Surely this wonderful enity that thinks so much of itself that it proclaims itself to be God and it's followers saved from responsibility for their actions after death need not fill the churches with political correctness enforced individuals. Can not their "Concept of a God Theory" win souls without cheating?

If you recite the phrase "Under God" because you are forced to do so can you be considered to believe?

All religions tell one truth and then deny that truth. That's the illusion projected upon us by the delusional mind. All religions tell us that Satan thinks it is God. After having just told the truth they then go on to tell you that their Satan is the one true God.

Another part of this attack goes like this...

Granted, some of the defenders stood up for the Pledge because of, rather than despite, its religious content. "The sentiment that this is a land blessed has been accepted since Pilgrim days," asserted the Daily News (6/27/02). The Tribune's Kass (6/27/02) wondered whether his children will be "jailed for having any dangerous and heretical beliefs, like a belief in God."

Jailed for having any dangerous and heretical beliefs, like a belief in God?

As an Atheist I can tell you that I'm a US Sovereign and I defend the US Federal Constitution which guarantees the right to worship. Worship whatever you like as long as you don't make that which you worship required by Law for others to believe as you do.

Here's a link to this posts article.

Yours in Sovereignty,

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Unchaining the Net

The next article posted after this one is part of this whole movement. I'm just begining to delve into the subject and thought you might be interested too since we both are on Internet technology. You and I need to find ways to connect without all the imposed controlled structure. I'm always interested in expanding our Sovereignty.


Call it the "free-network movement": Grass-roots hardware hackers are creating a wireless wonderland with megabits of connectivity for all.

read all about it

Yours in Sovereignty,

SCIence: Does Nature Allow Interferance Of Signals?

There's a lot of websites devoted to reptilians and their fourth dimension control of a bloodline here in the third dimension. A site on my reading list offers the reptilians as a possible evil source of our troubles. The reptilians have always asserted their domination of our third dimension so it goes.

Are reptilians from the fourth dimension trying to take over the earth in the third dimension?

I'm not buying it now and didn't buy it then.

I've always thought that other dimensions would be seperate but equal. Now theres a web page which I can link to for evidence on the subject of interference between dimensions. This article deals with radio bands interferance. The underlying principal is the same.

Heres the article, read all about it.

highly scalable networks

Yours in Sovereignty,