Saturday, October 22, 2005

WTF?: Short and Sweet

The reports come in and it's getting stranger than ever. Blair is admittedly hated then comes the 9-11 of Europe to save him. Bush was a low expectation puppet who suddenly became a leader due to 9-11, even when he sat on his hands during the attack and ran for cover afterwards!

Now blair, bush, and the G8 are once again safe from inspection as these bought and paid for puppets coordinate with the bought and paid for brown shirts (paid mercanaries pretending to be terrorist).

Yep, the Military Industrial Complex and its funding are on the rise again, sucking in the "peace dividend" promised to the world.


Speaking of broken promises...

What's behind the Social Security Crisis Scare?

The baby boomers (so named because there are so many of them) are all about to retire. What to do with millions of retirees who find themselves freed from the "work for your survival" system?

Plant the notion that Social Security is in troulbe as a signal to this new retired generation that if they start to ask questions and start taking action the back up plan is to take away their retirement income promised them, ruin the companies they depend on for their pensions and let them starve to death and decay under bridges.

Do you think the real controllers and hoarders of nature's abundance care if GM or Ford and/or any other company goes under? They'll make even more money as U.S. Suckers are forced to find lower paying jobs, no health care coverage and ship that job off shore. All while U.S. Suckers let them.

They'll be no boycott of goods and services. Corporations in the know are raking in record profits at the expense of US workers who dare not take their head out of their ass.

Hell, during phase one of the depression, 1929 and phase two, 1933 US workers unionized and went on strike. As they were beaten, jailed, shot and killed they stood their ground.

Today, it's turn on the television and have a nice day.

Enjoy your new awareness and May Good Health Be Yours


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