Saturday, October 15, 2005

Where does the GOP turn to get out its message? Talk Radio.

I guess all the bitching and moaning was just that, bitching and moaning.

It seems the GOP finds nothing wrong with their dominance of Talk Radio, as a matter of fact they brag about it. Rush Limbaugh declares his winning entertainment show as the best thing about Amerika.

Yet when it was perceived that Liberals (oh my!) had the winning lead, this was bad for Amerika.

As long as the media is dominated by GOP talking points AmeriKa is just fine with the GOP.

Of course it is!

GOP neocons use think tanks (biased educational PR operations) and media then declare that Liberals are losing the argument because the GOP message appeals more to the general population. Yet when the GOP couldn't get their dog and pony show stated it was because of media bias.

Suddenly now that Liberal ideas are being censored by the embedded media everything is right with AmeriKa.

One whould expect Religous Fundamentalist to buy into this shit, along with CorpGovUSA business aligned in the Military Industrial Complex, after all war and terrorism like the cold war is great for profits, but what's up with U.S. Sovereigns?

Perhaps they've given up having seen their leaders assassinated time after time.

That is the most powerful idea the neocons have, if you can't join 'em, assassinate them!

Am I being harsh?

Whitness Pat Robertson's latest assassination statements regarding a duly elected President of a foreign nation.

The case has been made and its time we returned to the future or we are doomed to keep repeating the past.

The last time these hoods ruled the earth it was called the Dark Ages.

1984 is closer than you think.

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