Saturday, October 22, 2005


The war on freedom

Hurricane volunteers turned away if they won't sign loyalty oath by John Bebow, Chicago TribuneSept. 21, 2005CHICAGO -- Jessica Parman wanted to help hurricane victims, but didn't see the need to pledge allegiance to her government to do it.

Parman said she was turned away from a hurricane relief center in Chicago last week because she refused to sign an oath presented by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.The oath required, in part, that volunteers "support and defend" the United States and Illinois constitutions and swear not to "advocate nor become a member of any political party or organization" that advocated the overthrow of the state or federal governments "by force or violence."Parman said she told volunteer coordinators that she thought the oath violated her First Amendment rights. The coordinators, Parman said, then denied her access to the volunteer center at Fosco Park Community Center.


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