Saturday, October 22, 2005

Subscriptions: Should We Pay Up?

I have received yet another appeal from an alternative website through their newsletter that they need money. The appeal goes that all the unpaid time and effort is costing too much and if I want to remain free I need to pay up.

Well, all I can say is, if you know the world is in danger and you are concerned that our freedom is being threatened yet you demand money for a free site and/or newsletter, well then, take downt the site and stop the newsletter. Let the world fall into the hands of the controllers and see how much your money protects you my friend.

It is only by alerting and imforming the world of the danger so that all my see the light that you will remain free.

Money ain't gonna do it.

If money insured freedom there would be a lot more freedom in the world.

I visit a lot of sites and I'm sure you dear reader also do the same. If we paid each just $5.00 a month for each site we'd need to work three jobs just to pay to visit these sites!!

Perhaps it is time to choose which sites are really of value, even if they aren't charging money.

I myself like,, three and a few others.

One way I try to support my blogs and keep them free is to offer barnes and noble as well as amazon links.

The news and editorial content of a website can be matched by products and service offers out there.

I realize as perhaps you do too that everything cost money. I myself don't have a lot of money and a few additional charges from individual websites can add up.

I kinda think this website and author finally has enough money in the bank that he doesn't have to work anymore and so is now making demands to be paid for his time. At the start he couldn't even get two people to attend his lectures and now it's pay up or I'm outta here.

He's written several books on those behind the scenes which I've bought almost all of them. It's just a shame to see money demands being the first thing demanded these days. Suddenly Rense radio program needed a paid subscription and now everyone is showing what it's really all about.


They all warn "pay up or I'm going to shut down the site".

Go ahead.

Shut down your site.

But first, won't you show your true colors and let those of us who visit your site who you now want to pay for the right to do so, let us see an independent accounting of your bank account. Let's see a picture of the shack you're living in and the run down neighborhood.

Perhaps as you've said of others, could it be your reptilian brain kicking in?

Enjoy and May Good Health Be Yours


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