Sunday, October 16, 2005

Stay Alert

It can sound like a good thing to do to protect ourselves. All we have to do is give up some of our Sovereignty.

Then again, we must all think again.


That's simple. If you don't buy from spammers they won't continue to use spam. So there must be enough of us responding to spam to make it worthwhile for spammers. Same with telemarketers.


Demand the leaks and back doors be shut down.

How do you demand something as a Sovereign? Government can do many things and our elected representatives should find ways to do it without taking away our Sovereignty in the process. We can all do better too by refusing to use defective producsts. You won't buy a car that continued to break down on the highway would you?

Keep track of the sites you visit and if you get a virus soon after visiting a new site, well, perhaps that should be noted too.

We shouldn't have to abandon our Sovereignty for comfort and security. That's just too high a price to pay.

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