Saturday, October 22, 2005

The return of Social Democracy

Most Soveriegns are unware that entertianment is the propaganda arm of the Military Industrial Complex, after all, they are worried about Hollywood aren't they?

They hate Hollywood so much they ran a Hollywood actor for President and won !!!

Your Hollywood reality tv infotainment is now available everywhere.

CDs, DVDs, Internet, Newspapers, Radio, Television and Magazines.


It's well written and orchastrated for your reality tv mentality.

The top rated show of the last fifty years...

Social Democracy for Everyone.

"The longest running history pyops campaign ever!" ~ Janet Magazine

"Great Janus Programming!!"~ knowgoodu blogspot

"I wish I was alive to see its return!"~ A. Hitler

So well entrenched in the publics mind that Bill Clinton and George Bush hang out together, do projects together and will battle for the Presidency together (as Hilary becomes the first woman President?).

It's coming to a reality tv mindset community near you.

How will Hilary proclaim she's the one when Bill has been hanging out with Bush Sr.?

How will any Liberal support Hilary when Bill campaigned for Bush Jr. saying he liked him?

Don't turn that dial, keep it tuned to the same batty channel, turn on your reality tv infotainment a division of the Military Industrial complex.


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