Saturday, October 15, 2005

The New Battle Ground...

As I've often reported, the WAR is no longer on the battle field it takes place in your mind.

A worldview of mass censored propaganda is still used along with a new weapon, psyops.

Once reserved for foreign nations it has come home to roost.

Strategic Communication Laboratories is the leading supplier of Information Operations, Strategic Communication and Public Diplomacy services to governments and military clients worldwide.

"The military conflicts of the 21st Century will not be fought on the ground, in the sea or in the air. They will be fought in the minds of your enemies and allies. You may have the weapons to win the territory, but do you have the weapons to win the 'hearts and minds?' "
(US Defense Review, 2001)

A Strategic Communication facility with fully trained staff, may be the most powerful weapon in your arsenal to resolve conflict and to achieve your military objectives.


1984 is closer than you think.

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