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One of the basics of Sovereignty is our Health. Our health choices are now being threaten. It's a shame.

Our great great grandparents wouldn't have margarine on their table. They used real butter. They would allow this fake milk, the had raw milk. One reason for this is that most of our great grandparents lived on farms and they knew what we should know today and that is, fresh whole foods were our best prevention against disease. Our great grandparent came from the farm and also had real food on the table.

I remember as a child seeing food on the table for hours before cooking began. It didn't turn bad because it was fresh and clean, the animal had been feed a proper diet itself and was allowed to roam free range. Today animals live in cages and are feed a diet of processed foodstuff and then become processed foodstuffs for our meals.

Generations of familes used to live together and when one meal ended the next meal preperation began. Today no one is home and a meal is a candy bar or fast foodstuffs. Is it any wonder that we in the USA are open to disease at an alarming rate?

You'd think our elected representatives and appointed Government officals would be looking out for us and warning us about our unhealthy lifestyle. Instead they are passing legislation to further degrade our food supply.

Here's a revealing article on how our elected and appointed Government officials are not only failing to protect us, they are knowingly involved in communicating misguided health information and knowing passing legislation harmful to your health.


Date: 8/12/05 Source: National Health Federation


(NAFTA, CAFTA, SHAFTA was taken from a quote of Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-OH) on the House floor during the CAFTA debate)

The National Health Federation strongly encourages our members and readers to gear up for the next battle ahead:

By aggressively opposing the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas.)

By pro-actively and persistently contacting your Senate and House representatives NOW, to impress upon them the necessity to oust the current U. S. Codex delegates who claim to represent Americans at Codex Alimentarius meetings.

The current U.S. representatives F. Edward Scarbrough, Barbara Schneeman, and others are virtually mute at these meetings (except when a pharmaceutical-industry interest needs protection), pro-harmonization, and never, ever, stand up for health-freedom on any issue. They are FDA bureaucrats, with no real love or interest in DSHEA, and, as you know, the FDA's own website blatantly states that its objective is global harmonization of American food standards to those of Codex. We need real delegates who will act in our interests, not benchsitters and apologists for the EU regulators.

How do the two issues above tie together?

The United States and Brazil will be co-chairmen of the final phase of the FTAA negotiations. The illegal passage of CAFTA has now extended NAFTA to Central America, and the FTAA, if approved, would then extend this so-called "free trade" (really managed trade) zone on so as to include South America as well. The FTAA agreement states that its members shall abide by harmonization standards.

Similar language appears in Article 19 & Article 20 of the agreement referring to SPS (Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures) standards and guidelines, and specifically states in paragraph 19.2 that "The Parties agree to collaborate in monitoring, at the hemispheric level, the process of international harmonization as established by the Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures of the WTO."

With Americans having the freest dietary-supplement laws in the world, we do not fit well into the envisioned Brave New World puzzle of Codex, the WTO, the European Union, and the grandiose Free Trade Area of the Americas. We have already seen how the United Kingdom, with its many supplement users and relatively-free dietary supplement laws, is being consumed and overridden by the EU Food Supplements Directive. This has resulted from its unfortunate submersion into the legal and treaty framework of the European Union.

The FTAA appears to be the latest vehicle of choice to deprive the U.S. of its DSHEA-protected supplement freedoms and to force the United States to harmonize its laws to the harshly restrictive dietary-supplement Codex standards. Once accomplished, all in the name of an ersatz "free trade," the globalist plan for crushing individuality and reducing us all down to simple cogs in the machine will be significantly closer to completion.

It is important to know that CAFTA actually went down to defeat. It is only because its proponents illegally extended the 15-minute voting time by another hour that they were able to arm-twist enough representatives into voting for its passage. So, the CAFTA vote was extremely close, many citizens being unaware, on vacation, and unable to oppose this legislation, which is exactly what was desired by the pro-CAFTA forces. The passage of CAFTA has awakened many and now the FTAA battle will be a fierce one.

Spin articles are already being circulated by CRN (Council for Responsible Nutrition) and, stating that CAFTA, Codex, and the EU FSD will not affect Americans and their access to dietary supplements. Who backs these organizations, might it be pharmaceutical funding in the shadows? Why else would they have felt the most recent events at Codex were positive? And why was CRN silent when it had a chance at Codex to speak out for health-freedom and the companies it supposedly represents? just posted an article unequivocally stating that the U.S. public has nothing to fear and smearing the NHF by referencing to us as "the so-called National Health Federation." Of course, no one wants to hear negative news, we all receive plenty on a daily basis; but we shouldn't bury our heads either. No one wishes more than us that we didn't have these battles and harmonization on the horizon.

But, for over 50 years, we have always dared to tell the truth and we must all face reality and not be led to the slaughter simply because it is easier to hear a positive than a negative.

We ask that you thank your Representatives and Senators who opposed CAFTA, and to blacklist and reprimand those who voted for its passage. We must unite against the passage of the FTAA, as we did in 1994 to ensure the passage of the DSHEA Act. It is imperative that we win, to ensure our sovereignty and our health-freedoms. This globalist plan using so-called "free trade" agreements to harmonize Americans MUST BE STOPPED. Educate others, send them to our website, please join the NHF in this fight, and make those contacts to your Congressional representatives.

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You may locate the names and contact information of the U. S. Codex delegates by clicking on the following link: Ed Scarbrough is the head of that office and Dr. Barbara Schneeman attends the German Codex meetings.

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