Sunday, October 23, 2005

Freedom Fighters

Isn't it strange that when Ronald Reagan and Oliver North were running drugs for arms to fund insurgents Ronald Reagan and Oliver North along with the embedded media called these insurgents freedom fighters. This was during the Iran-Contra.

Now the Iraqi insurgents are fighting our police action and its resulting occupation and suddenly Iraqis in their own country are insurgents who must be stopped and if they accept help that help is interference with Iraq while our police action is help even though most Iraqis want us to get out of their country.

Sure they are glad Saddam Hussein is gone though the Iraqis feel the price may be too high if we won't leave. They want us out now.

I'm not talking about the puppet leaders, I'm talking about the majority of Iraqis who were bombed with shock and awe and now remain under US military rule.

When will we realize that with Iran-Contra we were funding and arming the insurgents and now we are openly occupying a nation without a declaration of WAR from Congress which violates our Federal Constitution. Are we and our leaders above our own laws?

This is the example we want the world to follow?

Be smart, its healthy.



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