Monday, October 31, 2005

A degree counts for less on job market

I have an associates degree and I'm all for education yet it seems the job market can't support all the brain power available and/or they seek lower wages by employing foreign workers by sending USA jobs overseas.

It's amazing how Mexicans working jobs in the USA generates the Minute Men Movement yet we buy products everyday that are made by foreign workers who have USA jobs shipped to them!!

The next time a reporter interviews a Minute Man on the Mexican - US border maybe the reporter ought to ask where the Minute Man's shirt was made, and his other consumer items. Does anybody look for the Made in the USA label anymore? Does anyone look for the Worker Union label?

The education myth is a scam to hide the fact that we are producing less and less in the USA and blaming US Workers for not having the right education when those who have an education aren't supplied jobs that justify their degrees.

A degree counts for less on job market

The Daily Telegraph, Daily mail (Not online)
The Government's policy of urging an ever-increasing number of young people into university - a record 400,000 this year - is failing in significant respects as graduates flood the job market, research published by the Department for Education showed yesterday. Four years after graduating, nearly a third of "the class of 99" were either in "non-graduate" jobs or jobs that were not appropriate for someone with their qualifications. The line between graduate and non-graduate jobs is now blurred. There was also clear evidence that the "graduate earnings premium" - a measure of the financial advantage of having a degree - had begun to fall. The study found that those most likely to be employed in non-graduate jobs had gone to the "new" universities that have been at the forefront of the Government's drive to "widen access". These graduates were 37 per cent more likely to be employed as clerical and shop assistants, bar managers and in call centres than graduates of the old universities


If you want to keep blaming the victim instead of the criminal, that's a choice that has never solved anything.

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