Saturday, October 29, 2005

Consuming the Earth

Planet Earth can not support 6 billion people living the USA lifestyle.

U.S. Sovereigns require 90% of the general population to live in poverty, disease and daily hunger so that US Sovereign can enjoy the crumbs US controllers allow them.

When the majority of US Sovereign fake concern for the world the rest of the world knows just how fake that concern is and are enjoying the implosion of US power which is daily beating them down.

The sideshow of Live AID and Live 8 as feel good spectacles of Capitalism does not, can not and will not overshadow the genocide of the WTO, the World Bank, the IMF, the privately owned Federal Reserve Central Bank of the United States, the privately owned Bank of England Central Bank of England or any of the other systems implemented against the rest of the world. Policy code name: Scrooge the World. Scrooge them all!

As Sovereigns pretend to believe the censored propaganda from the embedded media the world's general population slide further and further into the clutches of those without ruth.

A friend of mine once commented to me that Africans were incapable of feeding themselves. Long before the Capitalist arrived in Africa to steal the land and water Africans raised families, built communities and lived long healthy lives.

Once the Capitalist arrived they stole the fertile land the disease and poverty became an institution in Africa. A successful covert plan in which US Sovereigns could make ignorant statements such as my friend made and continue their lifestyle of plunder upon the rest of the people of the earth.

Meanwhile the controllers are at it again, gearing up the next cycle of plunder, buying up all the land, all the water and control space itself with spy satellites, laser weather control satellites and more. That’s right dear reader, those crop circles aren’t alien made, they are United Nation/G8 made.

Augmented Reality, Robotics, Nano Nanotechnology, Cloning, Micro chips that send and receive data, finger printing, DNA, surveillance cameras, RFID technology and much more will be your new prison without walls. Free to do as you are told.

1984 is closer and deadlier than your think!
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