Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Bourgeoisie Class...

The bourgeoisie class selected dictator GWBushfraud continues to undermine Democratcy in the United States by allowing his bourgeoisien class members that control the private oil cartel controlling most of the oil of the earth to gouge and fleece U.S. Sovereign during a National Emergency Crisis known as Hurricane Katrina. While stating the current administration would not tolerate anyone raisning prices to generate extreme profits during this National Emergency, GWBushfraud sat on his hands while gasoline prices soared to record levels.

What can a Sovereign do?

How about we show some backbone and refuse to buy their gasoline?

How about we refuse to work under these conditions?

How about wethepeople get back to ruling our secular nation instead of cowering before the police state?

Do you not realize that every power your let them steal from you they then use that power to steal more power from you?

You are the source of all wealth and power.

One day of refusing to go to work along with the statement that if prices do not return immediately to their pre-emergency level more lost days at work would occur.

It's really quite simple. If they want to play their supply and demand game so should we.

Drive down the demad by refusing to pay for gouging prices.

Why won't this happen?

Because quite frankly it seems U.S. Soveeigns find Democracy too inconvenient to maintain. As long as U.S. Sovereigns can live off the efforts of others before them the streets will be empty of practicing Democracy and instead full of consumers polluting the earth with their corruption.

The bourgeoisie class always ready and willing to appear to sacrifice one of their own might even let Bushfraud go down for our crimes.

Whatever...and no matter what, always, always wear that sick happy face, consumer of the Spectacle, first and always.



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