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Diabetics To Be Tracked Down By Government Agents?

I've stated this for many years, soon your health records will effect your purchasing power and Sovereignty.

Got a disease? You'll pay higher interest on loans. You'll pay higher prices on products that are identified as health risks to you. Cigerattes are already taxed because of this. Your insurance cost will be higher. And on it goes.

You don't think Industry is going to pay for their products that make your sick do you?

They'll just slap a warning label on it and you will pay and pay and pay.

Welcome to your future...

Diabetics To Be Tracked Down By Government Agents?

Date: 8/4/05 Author: Carolyn Dean, MD, ND and Elissa Meininger ,Source:

The New York Health Department is hatching a plan to "require medical labs to report to the city the results of a certain type of test that indicates how well individual patients are controlling their diabetes." That's how New York's Newsday reported the NY Diabetes-Tracking Plan on July 25, 2005.

What happens with those results is anybody's guess. Will investigators from the health department hunt down diabetics and administer treatment on the spot? Will there be diabetes court -like traffic court where patients will be expected to sit through a lecture about the dangers of diabetes? Or will it be like methadone clinics where ex-addicts are forced to line up but instead of methadone Nurse Ratchet will force them to take their diabetes pills or insulin.

New York City was the first American city to track down people with infectious diseases and the idea to track diabetics through medical labs is being prompted by a sharp rise in diabetes deaths over the last 20 years. Diabetes happens to be the fourth leading cause of death in New York City, alone, killing 1,891 in 2003. The cost of treating New Yorkers for diabetes runs into an estimated billion a year.

Tracking diabetics like criminals or carriers of some dreaded social disease is an invasion of privacy of the worst sort. In my opinion it would force people into the allopathic medical model of treating diabetes with drugs instead of educating them about the real cause of the disease -diets loaded with sugar. It would also open the door for other agencies to tamper with your private medical records and/or set the stage to enforce use of dangerous allopathic drugs even though you would prefer to use dietary supplements or other natural healing arts approaches for all manner of maladies.

Unchecked diabetes can cause blindness, kidney failure, amputations and heart problems among other maladies. But, for the most part, adult onset diabetes is a disease of lifestyle -too much sugar and white flour products and not enough exercise.

Diabetes occurs in developing countries when white flour and white sugar products replace the local diet. It takes about 10 years but it's invariable. Just as invariable is the epidemic of adult-onset diabetes in children after about 10 years of a junk food diet. Also inevitable is the occurrence of diabetes in people who are 20 to 30 pounds overweight.

And why aren't we told any of this?

It's because decay of our sweet tooth is the only side effect that the sugar industry will admit occurs with the over consumption of sugar. They don't talk about sugar as a cause heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and dozens of other diseases. Neither do they talk about their policy of instituting action against doctors or organizations that raise their voices about the dangers of sugar.

The sugar lobby in Washington has been long known for its hardball tactics and being the largest agricultural industry donor of cash to political campaigns. Considering that sugar represents only one percent of American agricultural receipts and employs only 61,000 people, it gets quite a bang for its buck. It is the one commodity that keeps its foreign competition at bay via a longstanding quota system, which, by the way, also raises prices for consumers by about .9 billion a year, according to the Government Accounting Office.

For the record, Americans with a sweet tooth pay 27-28 cents a pound for the sticky stuff while their neighbors in Canada and Mexico pay only 15 cents, such is the power of lobbying to protect the profits of the industry.

In 2003, the sugar industry objected to a scientific report that linked high sugar intake to obesity. This report, a joint effort of the UN's World Health Organization and the Food And Agricultural Organization, recommended limiting sugar to no more than 10 percent of each day's calorie intake. Thanks to industry pressure (backed by that all-important political "donation") the administration as well as Congress threatened the World Health Organization in an attempt to make changes in the report. With the help of lobbyists from the grocery industry and the soft drink industry, the final report came out without referring to the 10 percent recommendation but with a much-watered down statement recommending limiting sugar intake to prevent obesity. In addition, when the new American food pyramid recommendations came out in 2005, sugar was noticeably absent.

The sugar industry never leaves a stone unturned in its battle to retain its prominent place in the food chain. In Death by Modern Medicine I talk about my experience with a Canadian sugar lobby group that complained to my medical licensing body because I said things about sugar on national TV that they didn't want the public to hear. People who didn't know the story were shocked to learn that our medical system is nuttier than an upside down fruit cake that it is punishing doctors who are telling the truth about the dangerous effects of sugar. And you can see why so few doctors speak out about sugar when they get whacked for doing so.

In Death by Modern Medicine I also spoke about Dr. Abram Hoffer, the father of orthomolecular medicine and vitamin therapy for schizophrenia. Dr. Hoffer is convinced that "Sugar is an addiction far stronger than what we see with heroin." He goes on to say that "It is the basic addictive substance from which all other addictions flow. Refined sugar and all refined foods such as polished rice, white flour, and the like, are nothing more than legalized poisons."

Who's minding the cookie jar? If doctors aren't doing their job, who is protecting our health from the harmful effects of sugar? You would think it should be the Canadian and American Diabetic Associations, which are tremendously busy dealing with the epidemic of diabetes -and collecting big bucks to "find the cure". However, both organizations insist that diabetes has no known cause. In a paper published by the Journal of the American Dietetic Association the authors claim that researchers do not know why diabetes occurs, but they know sugar doesn't cause it. And according to the same group, most people with diabetes can enjoy sugar in limited amounts.

Some researchers blame diabetes on genetics. To say diabetes is genetic is a corrupt evasion of the truth. The incredible rise in the incidence of diabetes does not indicate a sudden change in genes but points to an environmental cause. What is in the environment? Sugar! Epidemiologists report that when refined sugar finds its way into developing nations it takes about ten to fifteen years for all the diseases of modern civilization to come swooping down.

Diabetic associations also claim that diabetes is incurable but can be treated with drugs that stimulate insulin production. However, the most common type of diabetes, adult onset diabetes, is not caused by a deficiency of insulin -just the opposite -there is too much insulin produced to deal with high sugar diets that eventually ends up making cells "insulin resistant" which is the first stage of diabetes.

We must be aware that both Canadian and American Diabetic Associations obtain their funding from food and drug companies. Follow the money and you will understand what is driving modern medicine and health foundations to turn a blind eye to sugar. Don't bite the hand that feeds you is the message from the food and drug industry when they give grants and donations to universities, hospitals, and disease foundations.

Rather than monitoring people and urging them to see their doctor to obtain a drug, a much better plan would be to stop the drug ads on TV and force drug companies to spend that money on public clinics that teach the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. A fresh foods diet, exercise, and relaxation techniques are the real way to treat diabetes and most other chronic diseases in our overfed and undernourished population.

While the sugar lobby has done a spectacular job promoting its poison, the bare knuckles fight in the world of sugar substitutes is equally appalling. It will be the subject of next week's column.


Go to and click on your elected representatives and tell them to Say NO to CAFTA and Don't Touch DSHEA in Any Way! Purchase "Death by Modern Medicine" and view and purchase the new movie on Codex and Free Trade called "We Become Silent" by Kevin Miller. Proceeds from the sale of these products are crucial to help fund our health freedom action.

© 2005 Carolyn Dean - All Rights Reserved

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A degree counts for less on job market

I have an associates degree and I'm all for education yet it seems the job market can't support all the brain power available and/or they seek lower wages by employing foreign workers by sending USA jobs overseas.

It's amazing how Mexicans working jobs in the USA generates the Minute Men Movement yet we buy products everyday that are made by foreign workers who have USA jobs shipped to them!!

The next time a reporter interviews a Minute Man on the Mexican - US border maybe the reporter ought to ask where the Minute Man's shirt was made, and his other consumer items. Does anybody look for the Made in the USA label anymore? Does anyone look for the Worker Union label?

The education myth is a scam to hide the fact that we are producing less and less in the USA and blaming US Workers for not having the right education when those who have an education aren't supplied jobs that justify their degrees.

A degree counts for less on job market

The Daily Telegraph, Daily mail (Not online)
The Government's policy of urging an ever-increasing number of young people into university - a record 400,000 this year - is failing in significant respects as graduates flood the job market, research published by the Department for Education showed yesterday. Four years after graduating, nearly a third of "the class of 99" were either in "non-graduate" jobs or jobs that were not appropriate for someone with their qualifications. The line between graduate and non-graduate jobs is now blurred. There was also clear evidence that the "graduate earnings premium" - a measure of the financial advantage of having a degree - had begun to fall. The study found that those most likely to be employed in non-graduate jobs had gone to the "new" universities that have been at the forefront of the Government's drive to "widen access". These graduates were 37 per cent more likely to be employed as clerical and shop assistants, bar managers and in call centres than graduates of the old universities


If you want to keep blaming the victim instead of the criminal, that's a choice that has never solved anything.

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One of the basics of Sovereignty is our Health. Our health choices are now being threaten. It's a shame.

Our great great grandparents wouldn't have margarine on their table. They used real butter. They would allow this fake milk, the had raw milk. One reason for this is that most of our great grandparents lived on farms and they knew what we should know today and that is, fresh whole foods were our best prevention against disease. Our great grandparent came from the farm and also had real food on the table.

I remember as a child seeing food on the table for hours before cooking began. It didn't turn bad because it was fresh and clean, the animal had been feed a proper diet itself and was allowed to roam free range. Today animals live in cages and are feed a diet of processed foodstuff and then become processed foodstuffs for our meals.

Generations of familes used to live together and when one meal ended the next meal preperation began. Today no one is home and a meal is a candy bar or fast foodstuffs. Is it any wonder that we in the USA are open to disease at an alarming rate?

You'd think our elected representatives and appointed Government officals would be looking out for us and warning us about our unhealthy lifestyle. Instead they are passing legislation to further degrade our food supply.

Here's a revealing article on how our elected and appointed Government officials are not only failing to protect us, they are knowingly involved in communicating misguided health information and knowing passing legislation harmful to your health.


Date: 8/12/05 Source: National Health Federation


(NAFTA, CAFTA, SHAFTA was taken from a quote of Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-OH) on the House floor during the CAFTA debate)

The National Health Federation strongly encourages our members and readers to gear up for the next battle ahead:

By aggressively opposing the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas.)

By pro-actively and persistently contacting your Senate and House representatives NOW, to impress upon them the necessity to oust the current U. S. Codex delegates who claim to represent Americans at Codex Alimentarius meetings.

The current U.S. representatives F. Edward Scarbrough, Barbara Schneeman, and others are virtually mute at these meetings (except when a pharmaceutical-industry interest needs protection), pro-harmonization, and never, ever, stand up for health-freedom on any issue. They are FDA bureaucrats, with no real love or interest in DSHEA, and, as you know, the FDA's own website blatantly states that its objective is global harmonization of American food standards to those of Codex. We need real delegates who will act in our interests, not benchsitters and apologists for the EU regulators.

How do the two issues above tie together?

The United States and Brazil will be co-chairmen of the final phase of the FTAA negotiations. The illegal passage of CAFTA has now extended NAFTA to Central America, and the FTAA, if approved, would then extend this so-called "free trade" (really managed trade) zone on so as to include South America as well. The FTAA agreement states that its members shall abide by harmonization standards.

Similar language appears in Article 19 & Article 20 of the agreement referring to SPS (Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures) standards and guidelines, and specifically states in paragraph 19.2 that "The Parties agree to collaborate in monitoring, at the hemispheric level, the process of international harmonization as established by the Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures of the WTO."

With Americans having the freest dietary-supplement laws in the world, we do not fit well into the envisioned Brave New World puzzle of Codex, the WTO, the European Union, and the grandiose Free Trade Area of the Americas. We have already seen how the United Kingdom, with its many supplement users and relatively-free dietary supplement laws, is being consumed and overridden by the EU Food Supplements Directive. This has resulted from its unfortunate submersion into the legal and treaty framework of the European Union.

The FTAA appears to be the latest vehicle of choice to deprive the U.S. of its DSHEA-protected supplement freedoms and to force the United States to harmonize its laws to the harshly restrictive dietary-supplement Codex standards. Once accomplished, all in the name of an ersatz "free trade," the globalist plan for crushing individuality and reducing us all down to simple cogs in the machine will be significantly closer to completion.

It is important to know that CAFTA actually went down to defeat. It is only because its proponents illegally extended the 15-minute voting time by another hour that they were able to arm-twist enough representatives into voting for its passage. So, the CAFTA vote was extremely close, many citizens being unaware, on vacation, and unable to oppose this legislation, which is exactly what was desired by the pro-CAFTA forces. The passage of CAFTA has awakened many and now the FTAA battle will be a fierce one.

Spin articles are already being circulated by CRN (Council for Responsible Nutrition) and, stating that CAFTA, Codex, and the EU FSD will not affect Americans and their access to dietary supplements. Who backs these organizations, might it be pharmaceutical funding in the shadows? Why else would they have felt the most recent events at Codex were positive? And why was CRN silent when it had a chance at Codex to speak out for health-freedom and the companies it supposedly represents? just posted an article unequivocally stating that the U.S. public has nothing to fear and smearing the NHF by referencing to us as "the so-called National Health Federation." Of course, no one wants to hear negative news, we all receive plenty on a daily basis; but we shouldn't bury our heads either. No one wishes more than us that we didn't have these battles and harmonization on the horizon.

But, for over 50 years, we have always dared to tell the truth and we must all face reality and not be led to the slaughter simply because it is easier to hear a positive than a negative.

We ask that you thank your Representatives and Senators who opposed CAFTA, and to blacklist and reprimand those who voted for its passage. We must unite against the passage of the FTAA, as we did in 1994 to ensure the passage of the DSHEA Act. It is imperative that we win, to ensure our sovereignty and our health-freedoms. This globalist plan using so-called "free trade" agreements to harmonize Americans MUST BE STOPPED. Educate others, send them to our website, please join the NHF in this fight, and make those contacts to your Congressional representatives.

Click here to read about The Illegal CAFTA Vote.

Click here to See How Your Representatives and Senators Voted: Who to Thank and Who to Blacklist.

You may locate the names and contact information of the U. S. Codex delegates by clicking on the following link: Ed Scarbrough is the head of that office and Dr. Barbara Schneeman attends the German Codex meetings.

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The following is part of an article on disease. As has been revealed and shown, prevention is the key to health and well being. Disease is not caused by viruses, bacteria, fungal forms and/or parasites. They are all around us. A healthy body protects us from disease. Only when our system is weakened by diet and lifestyle (no activity) does the body develop weak links that allow disease to gain hold of our bodies and grow.

Prevention is the key to health.

This is why one person gets sick and another person in the same situation does not get sick. Both were exposed, but the unbalanced unhealthy body was successfully attacked.

You know that if your skin has no breaks that it protects you. If you get a cut or bruise your skin may then allow disease carriers in. Once inside your body they still can be rejected if your body is health and can defend itself.

If your body is weakened by diet and/or lifestyle, you may get sick.

Here's part of the artlcle and link if you find it worth your while to learn more...


De-mystifying The Disease Myth

Viruses, bacteria, fungal forms and parasites seek their own environment, just like flies, mosquitoes and vultures. Picture a stagnant swamp compared to a flowing vibrant river. A stagnant swamp has little life, fungus and green algae growing on the top of the water, and brown decaying agriculture in the external environment, which attracts mosquitoes, bugs and insects. A flowing river has life that exudes colorful flowers and green plants and trees that repel bugs and insects. The same is true for a healthy body that repels unwanted viruses and bacteria.

A diseased body has no blood circulation or lymphatic flow. This leads to stagnation in weak tissues and organs, which sets up shop for disease pathogens to migrate and grow into diseased tissue. As Dr. Robert Young says in his book, Sick And Tired: Reclaim Your Inner Terrain, “There is only one physiological disease – the over-acidification of the body, due primarily to an inverted way of eating and living. This over-acidification leads to the one sickness, or primary symptom – the overgrowth in the body of microorganisms, whose poisons produce the symptoms we call ‘diseases’.” Some of these symptoms manifest as diarrhea, runny nose, thick mucous secretions, fever and profuse sweating, which science calls disease.

Most people in today’s world still have a hazy idea as to what constitutes a disease. They believe it to be something mysterious that attacks them, and that there is very little they can do about it. So in their confusion, they run to their doctor for every ache and pain, cold, cough, fever, or rash, expecting some sort of magic “silver bullet” prescription cure before they leave the office. People associate a prescription drug with good doctor care while the Bible clearly warns us of the deception of pharmaceuticals. “By Thy sorceries were all nations deceived…” (Revelation 18:24) In the Greek concordance sorcery is defined as pharmakeia, or pharmacy.

So before I begin the de-mystification of the 10,001 diseases, which in reality are the same disease originating from the same cause, I need to make one point clear. The human body strives for health, not sickness. The path of least resistance for the body is a natural state of health that calls for the least amount of energy and electrical force expended. The body’s mind, spirit and soul fights to maintain healthy balance and homeostasis 24 hours a day. Health is God’s path of least resistance.

The truth is, the laws of health are never broken. We can only break ourselves against them. God’s laws of health and vitality are set in motion just like the law of gravity. If you attempt to break the law of gravity by jumping out of a 10 story window, you will only break yourself against a slab of concrete and illustrate the law in action. The same is true for anyone who goes against the law of health by continued ingestion of foodless foods, toxic beverages, pharmaceuticals, breathing industrial contaminant and long-term stress conditions. Often times you have to go against the grain for decades to manifest sickness and disease.

This may be hard for some people to swallow, but it is their own lack of knowledge, or failure to use and apply that knowledge that has brought about their ill condition. All degenerative and metabolic diseases are merely the end point of progressive, accumulated, toxic waste matter suffocating a particular tissue or organ that’s too weak to clean house. Therefore, there is but one disease. A disease condition in a weak organ due to insufficient drainage and deficient, intelligent nutrients at the cellular level. This sets up a toxic, low oxygen, acidic, damp cellular environment which breeds disease pathogens.

One Disease – Many Labels

So arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer are the same disease. It just so happens through genetic disposition that the target areas — or weak links — of an arthritic patient are the joints. This is where the toxic accumulation of uric acid crystals, purines, lactic acid and other debris suffocate the cells that manufacture synovial fluid and bursae fluid (joint lubricating fluids). In a diabetic patient, the beta cells in the pancreas that synthesize insulin for glucose regulation are the weak link in the chain. Excess toxins from the bloodstream are dumped into the pancreas coating the insulin receptors, causing insulin resistance, leading to diabetes. A cardiovascular patient’s target organs of toxic accumulation are the heart and lung tissue, which effect the cells that are involved in heart and respiratory function, and so on.

Readers, this is your real wake up call! Medical science in their ignorance (ignoring the truth), have been on the wrong track all along. For seventy years, scientists have been studying germs, viruses and bacteria. They should have been studying the inner condition of the body’s cellular terrain that sets the stage as a growth medium for deadly microbes. The viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites infiltrate only when there is diseased tissue – a food source if you will. You will never see bacterial infections, viral infections, systemic candida ablicans problems, or cancer in an alkaline pH, highly oxygenated, nutritive rich, healthy cellular environment with a strong immune system and strong filtration and circulatory systems.

You don’t blame the mosquitoes for the stagnant swamp. Mosquitoes and flies seek the stagnant waters. The vultures are not the culprit, you blame the dead rabbit. The answer has been with us since the beginning of the human race. Drain the body’s tissues and cells of its accumulated poison – its toxic soup – feed it properly with intelligent living nutrients – and the miracle of healing occurs. Anyone who takes appropriate action need no succumb to cancer or any other disease. So, we find the cause of degenerative disease chiefly to be two-fold. Insufficient nutrition, creating weakened cells from improper drainage, leading to congestive toxicosis. It certainly follows that correction of ill health would not be toxic pharmaceuticals and risky surgical procedures. It would be assisting the filtration organs to cleanse the waste poisons from the body, and provide intelligent nutrients to the bloodstream for delivery to the cells. This way the various organs can function at optimal levels.

Every day your body is assailed by billions of germs, many of which can instigate illness or even death. Yet you stay well. Countless bacteria, viruses and microbes gain entry into your body through the food you ingest, the air you breathe, or through breaks in your skin. Yet you stay well. Why? Because you can’t live without germs. There is a symbiotic relationship between good and bad bacteria that is necessary for survival, kind of like how nature keeps the overgrowth of rabbits in check with foxes. Some of them establish permanent residence in your mouth, your nose, your throat, or your intestines, where there are several pounds of soil- based microorganisms that multiply exponentially. Yet you stay well. If you have four people in a closed elevator with one coughing and sneezing from a recent cold and one out of the three contracts a head cold 24 hours later, while the other two remain healthy, what prevented the other two from getting sick? Diseased germs need appropriate soil to grow in – diseased tissues.

What modern medicine fails to understand is that bacteria, viruses, germs, fungi and parasites are there for a reason. They flourish as scavengers at the site of diseased tissue. They are there to clean up your mess. They are drawn by dead cells, hardened mucous, dried blood, pus and an acidic dirty kitchen environment. If you leave dirty dishes in the sink, breadcrumbs on the floor and honey on the counter for a few days, you will witness a variety of creepy crawlers coming out of nowhere. Rats in your basement are there for a reason; you have garbage and old decaying boxes and debris laying around. The same is true for the human body. Through ingestion of acidic foods, toxic beverages and environmental contaminant, you create a food source for scavengers, like parasites, to breed and feed.

Time For Shifting Directions

The time is right for a paradigm shift to intelligent self-care and learning the intelligent mechanisms behind God’s magnificent, self-healing autogenic system - a process termed autogenics. We need a new level of understanding about the body’s own inherent, innate ability to heal itself. The process witnessed from a cut in the finger or a broken bone. It’s not the Band-Aid that heals the cut, nor the cast that heals the broken bone. It’s the combined nutrients of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, oxygen, essential fatty acids and sunlight that are carried via the bloodstream to the diseased or injured area for complete healing. It’s time for a real wake-up call to the true causes of nearly all diseases and the direct enemies of self-healing. Its technical name is Congestive Toxicosis. It is the greatest threat to human lives in these end times.

Divine Design Of Symptoms

Disease is nothing more than the outworking of the natural law of autogenics; a natural, self-propelling process of the body’s inherent ability to remove the toxic accumulation in and around the cells. Its removal methods are the uncomfortable purging mechanisms of diarrhea, vomiting, sweating, coughing, runny nose and fever that usually makes us run to the doctor.

Out of ignorance, doctors look at these symptoms as unnecessary, non-purposeful, insignificant nuisances, and in their limited understanding they stop the fever, stop the runny nose, stop the sweating and stop the cough with their “anti”-medications and, in doing so, shove the toxic waste back down your throat or back into the bloodstream and tissues, prolonging your illness by giving symptomatic relief.

A fever is an intelligent system to destroy viruses and bacteria in order to burn up the waste matter and trigger immune system production of white blood cells and immune regulator. The pores of the skin open for profuse sweating to allow excretion of toxins. A runny nose is an intelligent mechanism to flush out toxic matter out of the sinus membranes trapped by watery mucous.

Every symptom has innate intelligence the human body has been endowed with by God to purge, excrete or flush poisonous waste accumulation through one or more of the elimination channels: via the skin, colon, nose, lungs, ears and urinary tract. What do you think the flu is? Every symptom of a cold or flu is a symptom of detoxification. The symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, coughing up thick mucous, and chills which generate heat are all healing crisis cleansing reactions to allow you to heal


read all about it!

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The Ultimate Political Correctness !!!!!!

For all you who say they want to abandon political correctness see my comment here

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truScience: Lie of Louis Paster


R. Pearson
'The writer has made an effort in his prior books and pamphlets to show that the germ theory is false, and that illness was practically always due to errors of diet or manner of living, the germs being present solely as scavengers of dead and waste tissues and foods, and not as the cause of the disease. However, the erroneous belief that germs cause disease and must be controlled or eliminated before it can be cured is so widespread as to close the minds of many people to any other ideas on this subject.'

The following is the full text, by R. B. Pearson. This was originally published in the 1940s as Pasteur, Plagiarist, Imposter

Access here

Be smart, its healthy.

Controllers Violate US Federal Constitution

I've posted and posted yet nothing ever changes. The controllers without ruth hoard nature's wealth and violate the very Laws they are sworn to uphold.

Same as it ever was then?

Not at all, fifty years ago we had John F. Kennedy. When this cabal murdered him US Sovereigns embraced the controller distraction - The Beatles, lead by Paul McCartney, one treasonous bastard of humanity.

Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on October 19, Condoleezza Rice was asked whether the Bush administration was planning military action against Syria. She answered, “I don’t think the President ever takes any of his options off the table concerning anything to do with military force.”

Last time we read the U.S. Constitution, the grave decision to use military force against another country was a matter for Congress to decide -- not an “option” for a President.

And last time we read the UN Charter, it provided that “all members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state.”

read rest of article

Be smart, its healthy.


Consuming the Earth

Planet Earth can not support 6 billion people living the USA lifestyle.

U.S. Sovereigns require 90% of the general population to live in poverty, disease and daily hunger so that US Sovereign can enjoy the crumbs US controllers allow them.

When the majority of US Sovereign fake concern for the world the rest of the world knows just how fake that concern is and are enjoying the implosion of US power which is daily beating them down.

The sideshow of Live AID and Live 8 as feel good spectacles of Capitalism does not, can not and will not overshadow the genocide of the WTO, the World Bank, the IMF, the privately owned Federal Reserve Central Bank of the United States, the privately owned Bank of England Central Bank of England or any of the other systems implemented against the rest of the world. Policy code name: Scrooge the World. Scrooge them all!

As Sovereigns pretend to believe the censored propaganda from the embedded media the world's general population slide further and further into the clutches of those without ruth.

A friend of mine once commented to me that Africans were incapable of feeding themselves. Long before the Capitalist arrived in Africa to steal the land and water Africans raised families, built communities and lived long healthy lives.

Once the Capitalist arrived they stole the fertile land the disease and poverty became an institution in Africa. A successful covert plan in which US Sovereigns could make ignorant statements such as my friend made and continue their lifestyle of plunder upon the rest of the people of the earth.

Meanwhile the controllers are at it again, gearing up the next cycle of plunder, buying up all the land, all the water and control space itself with spy satellites, laser weather control satellites and more. That’s right dear reader, those crop circles aren’t alien made, they are United Nation/G8 made.

Augmented Reality, Robotics, Nano Nanotechnology, Cloning, Micro chips that send and receive data, finger printing, DNA, surveillance cameras, RFID technology and much more will be your new prison without walls. Free to do as you are told.

1984 is closer and deadlier than your think!
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British Officer Declare Iraq Invasion Illegal

A British officer is facing court martial because, after two tours of Iraq, he has concluded it would be illegal to return. By John Pilger

An RAF officer is about to be tried before a military court for refusing to return to Iraq because the war is illegal. Malcolm Kendall-Smith is the first British officer to face criminal charges for challenging the legality of the invasion and occupation. He is not a conscientious objector; he has completed two tours in Iraq. When he came home the last time, he studied the reasons given for attacking Iraq and concluded he was breaking the law. His position is supported by international lawyers all over the world, not least by Kofi Annan, the UN secretary general, who said in September last year: "The US-led invasion of Iraq was an illegal act that contravened the UN Charter."

The question of legality deeply concerns the British military brass, who sought Tony Blair's assurance on the eve of the invasion, got it and, as they now know, were lied to. They are right to worry; Britain is a signatory to the treaty that set up the International Criminal Court, which draws its codes from the Geneva Conventions and the 1945 Nuremberg Charter. The latter is clear: "To initiate a war of aggression . . . is not only an international crime, it is the supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole."

At the Nuremberg trial of the Nazi leadership, counts one and two, "Conspiracy to wage aggressive war and waging aggressive war", refer to "the common plan or conspiracy". These are defined in the indictment as "the planning, preparation, initiation and waging of wars of aggression, which were also wars in violation of international treaties, agreements and assurances". A wealth of evidence is now available that George Bush, Blair and their advisers did just that. The leaked minutes from the infamous Downing Street meeting in July 2002 alone reveal that Blair and his war cabinet knew that it was illegal. The attack that followed, mounted against a defenceless country offering no threat to the US or Britain, has a precedent in Hitler's invasion of Sudetenland; the lies told to justify both are eerily similar.

read the rest of the article

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Gott Mit Uns

Mass meeting of the German Christian Movement
13 Nov.1933

A radical wing of German Lutheranism and the main Protestant branch supporting Nazi ideology, the German Christian Movement reconciled Christian doctrine with German nationalism and antisemitism.

(Source: Museum of Tolerance)

Gott Mit Uns translates into "God is with us".

Prescott Bush was involved in funding for Hitler and the Nazis continuing funding the Nazis even after the USA entered the war!

Today the Christian Fundamentalist are once again rallying behind their agenda of one King to rule us all...their King!

Once again, the Bush Family is leading this war against the rest of us too.

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Sovereignty Continues to Decline

Civil rights? You've got to be kidding.

Fuck civil rights.

My natural born Sovereignty can't be granted by a Government, a King or anyone else.

I am Sovereign.

They got you thinking of orwellian doublethought and speaking newspeak.

Fuck Freedom!

Freedom can be taken away from you. Your freedom can be imprisoned, your freedom to travel can be searched and detained, your freedom of speech can cost you your employment and public standing.

Yet even if they take away your freedom you always have your Sovereignty!

If you protected your Sovereignty as much as you protect your freedom to have a cell phone, a new car, high def TV, etc, etc there would be no one controlling the world and plunging us into WAR after continuing WAR.


Fuck Peace!

There has been no peace for the so called third world!

Why do foreigners come to the USA?

For freedom? Hell no!

For high def TV? no, hell no!

Foreign Sovereigns come to the USA to get behind our bombs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If they can make it to the USA they won't suffer the disease, the poverty, the hunger imposed on them by US bombs which at any second could be dropping all around them.

USA, the storm troopers of the United Nations/G8 agenda.

As a US citizen it is dishearting to see my Government engage in terror, torture and other forms of brutality. As a Natural Born Sovereign I am outraged that the USA does these things to my fellow Sovereigns.

Sovereigns of the world unite!

Our Union can change the world. As a matter of fact, it's the only thing that ever has!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is frequently said that Bush shares Reagan's vision. But Marx's comment about history appearing first as tragedy, then as farce, has never seemed more apropos. Reagan rallied the wealthy classes worldwide; Bush has divided them. Reagan increased the US' power while avoiding much direct military action; Bush has mired the US in two hapless occupations. Reagan brought about a new day for US world power, albeit presiding over an order that everywhere undermined the well-being of the poor. Bush has likely hastened the departure of the US from the world stage.

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All (G)Eight Up Inside

The G8 agenda is the Nazi agenda.

Isn't it obvious?

Read more about it...

Dawn of the G8
New World Order

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World's First Certified Organic Products

Join with the creator and manufacturer of the world's first range of certified organic skin, hair and personal care products.

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Door to Nickie's Men's Room

Door to Nickie's Men's Room
Door to Nickie's Men's Room,
originally uploaded by signalstation.
My daughters husband with digital camera takes interesting pictures around San Francisco. This swinging door hangs in front of a standing men's urinal.


Freedom Fighters

Isn't it strange that when Ronald Reagan and Oliver North were running drugs for arms to fund insurgents Ronald Reagan and Oliver North along with the embedded media called these insurgents freedom fighters. This was during the Iran-Contra.

Now the Iraqi insurgents are fighting our police action and its resulting occupation and suddenly Iraqis in their own country are insurgents who must be stopped and if they accept help that help is interference with Iraq while our police action is help even though most Iraqis want us to get out of their country.

Sure they are glad Saddam Hussein is gone though the Iraqis feel the price may be too high if we won't leave. They want us out now.

I'm not talking about the puppet leaders, I'm talking about the majority of Iraqis who were bombed with shock and awe and now remain under US military rule.

When will we realize that with Iran-Contra we were funding and arming the insurgents and now we are openly occupying a nation without a declaration of WAR from Congress which violates our Federal Constitution. Are we and our leaders above our own laws?

This is the example we want the world to follow?

Be smart, its healthy.


Saturday, October 22, 2005


Enjoy your new awareness and May Good Health Be Yours

NEWS: Forum Board

Forum Board is now up and running.

Enjoy your new awareness and May Good Health Be Yours

Cindy Sheehan

Why does Cindy Sheehan and other activist call this the Iraq WAR?

Only Congress can declare WAR and it has not done so in regards to Iraq!

The illegal police action is a crime against humanity and the military code states soldiers are not to follow illegal orders!

Perhaps this is why Cindy wants to pretend there's a WAR in Iraq.

Enjoy your new awareness and May Good Health Be Yours

Outsourcing Fix

You to stop your job from being threatened and your wages and benefits from being reduced?

Stop Buying Foreign Made Goods That We Can Make in the USA !!

otherwise shut the f-up!

Enjoy your new awareness and May Good Health Be Yours


The war on freedom

Hurricane volunteers turned away if they won't sign loyalty oath by John Bebow, Chicago TribuneSept. 21, 2005CHICAGO -- Jessica Parman wanted to help hurricane victims, but didn't see the need to pledge allegiance to her government to do it.

Parman said she was turned away from a hurricane relief center in Chicago last week because she refused to sign an oath presented by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.The oath required, in part, that volunteers "support and defend" the United States and Illinois constitutions and swear not to "advocate nor become a member of any political party or organization" that advocated the overthrow of the state or federal governments "by force or violence."Parman said she told volunteer coordinators that she thought the oath violated her First Amendment rights. The coordinators, Parman said, then denied her access to the volunteer center at Fosco Park Community Center.


Enjoy your new awareness and May Good Health Be Yours

LinkUP: Pentagon refuses to pay promised bonus for...

Pentagon refuses to pay promised bonus for Nat'l Guard and Reserves who re-enlisted

Enjoy your new awareness and May Good Health Be Yours

WTF?: Short and Sweet

The reports come in and it's getting stranger than ever. Blair is admittedly hated then comes the 9-11 of Europe to save him. Bush was a low expectation puppet who suddenly became a leader due to 9-11, even when he sat on his hands during the attack and ran for cover afterwards!

Now blair, bush, and the G8 are once again safe from inspection as these bought and paid for puppets coordinate with the bought and paid for brown shirts (paid mercanaries pretending to be terrorist).

Yep, the Military Industrial Complex and its funding are on the rise again, sucking in the "peace dividend" promised to the world.


Speaking of broken promises...

What's behind the Social Security Crisis Scare?

The baby boomers (so named because there are so many of them) are all about to retire. What to do with millions of retirees who find themselves freed from the "work for your survival" system?

Plant the notion that Social Security is in troulbe as a signal to this new retired generation that if they start to ask questions and start taking action the back up plan is to take away their retirement income promised them, ruin the companies they depend on for their pensions and let them starve to death and decay under bridges.

Do you think the real controllers and hoarders of nature's abundance care if GM or Ford and/or any other company goes under? They'll make even more money as U.S. Suckers are forced to find lower paying jobs, no health care coverage and ship that job off shore. All while U.S. Suckers let them.

They'll be no boycott of goods and services. Corporations in the know are raking in record profits at the expense of US workers who dare not take their head out of their ass.

Hell, during phase one of the depression, 1929 and phase two, 1933 US workers unionized and went on strike. As they were beaten, jailed, shot and killed they stood their ground.

Today, it's turn on the television and have a nice day.

Enjoy your new awareness and May Good Health Be Yours

Recommended Reading

At the Crest of the Tidal Wave: A Forecast for the Great Bear Market

The author who predicted the boom markets of the 1980s offers a gaze into the future using his successful Elliot Wave principle. At the Crest of the Tidal Wave combines technical analysis with insights into history and economics to warn investors against the commonly held belief that investments will always go up. But this is not just another doomsday book-Prechter also provides solid guidance on a rescue strategy for investors

At the Crest of the Tidal Wave: A Forecast for the Great Bear Market
At the Crest of the Tidal Wave: A Forecast for the Great Bear Market

Enjoy your new awareness and May Good Health Be Yours

Recommended Reading

War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death
War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death

Enjoy your new awareness and May Good Health Be Yours

The return of Social Democracy

Most Soveriegns are unware that entertianment is the propaganda arm of the Military Industrial Complex, after all, they are worried about Hollywood aren't they?

They hate Hollywood so much they ran a Hollywood actor for President and won !!!

Your Hollywood reality tv infotainment is now available everywhere.

CDs, DVDs, Internet, Newspapers, Radio, Television and Magazines.


It's well written and orchastrated for your reality tv mentality.

The top rated show of the last fifty years...

Social Democracy for Everyone.

"The longest running history pyops campaign ever!" ~ Janet Magazine

"Great Janus Programming!!"~ knowgoodu blogspot

"I wish I was alive to see its return!"~ A. Hitler

So well entrenched in the publics mind that Bill Clinton and George Bush hang out together, do projects together and will battle for the Presidency together (as Hilary becomes the first woman President?).

It's coming to a reality tv mindset community near you.

How will Hilary proclaim she's the one when Bill has been hanging out with Bush Sr.?

How will any Liberal support Hilary when Bill campaigned for Bush Jr. saying he liked him?

Don't turn that dial, keep it tuned to the same batty channel, turn on your reality tv infotainment a division of the Military Industrial complex.

How Do THET Win?

How do the neocons and the neoliberals win the hearts and minds of Sovereigns everywhere?

Here's a list...

Abe Lincoln
John F. Kennedy
Martin Luther Kind
Bobby Kennedy
John Lennon
Paul Wellstone
Lee Harvey Oswal
Jack Ruby

These are just a few of the techniques used to control the masses by the few controllers.

Enjoy your new awareness and May Good Health Be Yours

Subscriptions: Should We Pay Up?

I have received yet another appeal from an alternative website through their newsletter that they need money. The appeal goes that all the unpaid time and effort is costing too much and if I want to remain free I need to pay up.

Well, all I can say is, if you know the world is in danger and you are concerned that our freedom is being threatened yet you demand money for a free site and/or newsletter, well then, take downt the site and stop the newsletter. Let the world fall into the hands of the controllers and see how much your money protects you my friend.

It is only by alerting and imforming the world of the danger so that all my see the light that you will remain free.

Money ain't gonna do it.

If money insured freedom there would be a lot more freedom in the world.

I visit a lot of sites and I'm sure you dear reader also do the same. If we paid each just $5.00 a month for each site we'd need to work three jobs just to pay to visit these sites!!

Perhaps it is time to choose which sites are really of value, even if they aren't charging money.

I myself like,, three and a few others.

One way I try to support my blogs and keep them free is to offer barnes and noble as well as amazon links.

The news and editorial content of a website can be matched by products and service offers out there.

I realize as perhaps you do too that everything cost money. I myself don't have a lot of money and a few additional charges from individual websites can add up.

I kinda think this website and author finally has enough money in the bank that he doesn't have to work anymore and so is now making demands to be paid for his time. At the start he couldn't even get two people to attend his lectures and now it's pay up or I'm outta here.

He's written several books on those behind the scenes which I've bought almost all of them. It's just a shame to see money demands being the first thing demanded these days. Suddenly Rense radio program needed a paid subscription and now everyone is showing what it's really all about.


They all warn "pay up or I'm going to shut down the site".

Go ahead.

Shut down your site.

But first, won't you show your true colors and let those of us who visit your site who you now want to pay for the right to do so, let us see an independent accounting of your bank account. Let's see a picture of the shack you're living in and the run down neighborhood.

Perhaps as you've said of others, could it be your reptilian brain kicking in?

Enjoy and May Good Health Be Yours

Sunday, October 16, 2005

blogspot linkUP

WagNew.Blogspot is hot!

Enjoy and May Good Health Be Yours

Patterns of Illsuion

Can we trust our eyes. The graphic below seems to show a square. Yet there is no square. It's an illusion of the brain.

it is indeed a holographic life we lead.

We know the girl doesn't get cut in half yet there she is in two seemingly seperate pieces. Will she live or die?

The rabbit gets pulled out of a seemingly empty hat. It's a trick. Once you know the trick, it still can be a compelling bit of entertainment as we marvel at the quickness fo the hand of the preformer as the card appears out of nowhere.

Always give a second look and take another thought to the matter. Not everything is what it seems or is it?

Enjoy and May Good Health Be Yours

Stay Alert

It can sound like a good thing to do to protect ourselves. All we have to do is give up some of our Sovereignty.

Then again, we must all think again.


That's simple. If you don't buy from spammers they won't continue to use spam. So there must be enough of us responding to spam to make it worthwhile for spammers. Same with telemarketers.


Demand the leaks and back doors be shut down.

How do you demand something as a Sovereign? Government can do many things and our elected representatives should find ways to do it without taking away our Sovereignty in the process. We can all do better too by refusing to use defective producsts. You won't buy a car that continued to break down on the highway would you?

Keep track of the sites you visit and if you get a virus soon after visiting a new site, well, perhaps that should be noted too.

We shouldn't have to abandon our Sovereignty for comfort and security. That's just too high a price to pay.

Thanks for stopping by.

Let me know you were here. Leave a comment.

photo uploaded by m1five @ yahoo! photos.

Enjoy and May Good Health Be Yours

private military contractors (terrorist)

Interesting reading, that's Internet for you.

INTELLIGENCE REPORT:US "private military contractors" already in-country to "deal with" Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias...

Two criminal investigations in New York are getting close to exposing a major Bush family and associates' international money-laundering operation that has spanned more than a generation and has been used to illegally fund US elections since the Nixon era.
AIG's largest shareholder is Starr International Company (SICO), an off-shore corporation incorporated in Panama with headquarters in Bermuda.

  • Kenneth Starr, the independent counsel who prosecuted President Clinton, is the nephew of Cornelius Starr.

  • Greenberg inherited the CEO job and Chairmanship from Starr as well as the $3.5 billion Starr Foundation.[/SNIP]

    May Good Health Be Yours

    This is Inside Your Head

    Your reading these words as if they were out there somewhere else instead of inside your head. Maybe you feel the world is too big to fit inside your head. Know that the whole world fits inside a television box, which is actually, inside your head.

    Remember this, you don't see with your eyes or hear with your ears. You see and hear with your mind, inside your head.

    When you touch something out there you are really experiencing it...inside your head.

    There is nothing on this computer screen.

    Look again.


    When it comes right down to it, your really can't trust common sense. Common sense doesn't exist, except inside your head.

    If you know the hologram then you can begin to know.

    That's why we are here.

    We are here to remember what we know.

    As computer screen refreshes itself faster than the eye can see. It's doing it now.

    So too do you need to refresh yourself.

    Matter is energy at rest (a lower vibration/frequency).

    We are here to help each other remember and to know who we true are. This keeps the dream alive.

    Since we are energy bound up in a bundle of matter we are in a sense, on vacation.

    This is what is meant by turning paradise into a living nightmare.

    Turn on the lignt and let it shine.

    Remember who, what and where you are.

    May Good Health Be Yours

    Reading VS Everything Else

    A person can read faster than a person can speak. So why is it that movies and radio are all the rage?

    Lack of imagination perhaps?

    May Good Health Be Yours

    Uncle Albert

    This paper written about E = mc² shows that we don't have an energy problem, we have a solutions problem. We won't or we don't allow our generative mind to produce the energy we need and want.


    It's quite simple really. Nicolia Tesla (inverntor of AC current, the radio and so much more) was working on a network of inventions that would do just that, supply us with limitless energy.

    The problem?

    The devices would produce free energy.
    Yep, just as you buy a radio and receive free radio waves (signals) and listen to audio for free or buy a television and watch free TV, free enegy is possible and has been possible.

    Here part of the article and a link follows.

    We have plenty of energy.

    Now we need the will to allow ourselves to enjoy it.

    A worldview that allows a few to enjoy nature's abundance at the expense of the many will nver allow free energy.

    You can't get there from here.

    Are we willing to share?

    None the less here's Uncle Albert making an appearance...

    Einstein's derivation of E = mc² was wholly mathematical. I know his derivation, as does just about anyone who has taken a course in modern physics. Nevertheless, I consider my understanding of a result incomplete if I rely solely on the math. Instead, I've found that thorough understanding requires a mental image - an analogy or a story - that may sacrifice some precision but captures the essence of the result.

    Here's a story for E = mc². Two equally strong and skilled jousters, riding identical horses and gripping identical (blunt) lances, head toward each other at an identical speed. As they pass, each thrusts his lance across his breastplate toward his opponent, slamming blunt end into blunt end. Because they're equally matched, neither lance pushes farther than the other, and so the referee calls it a draw.

    This story contains the essence of Einstein's discovery. Let me explain.

    by Brian Greene

    BRIAN GREENE, a professor of physics and mathematics at Columbia, is the author of The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos.

    Brian Greene's Edge Bio page


    [BRIAN GREENE:] During the summer of 1905, while fulfilling his duties in the patent office in Bern, Switzerland, Albert Einstein was fiddling with a tantalizing outcome of the special theory of relativity he'd published in June. His new insight, at once simple and startling, led him to wonder whether "the Lord might be laughing ... and leading me around by the nose."

    But by September, confident in the result, Einstein wrote a three-page supplement to the June paper, publishing perhaps the most profound afterthought in the history of science. A hundred years ago this month, the final equation of his short article gave the world E = mc².

    In the century since, E = mc² has become the most recognized icon of the modern scientific era. Yet for all its symbolic worth, the equation's intimate presence in everyday life goes largely unnoticed. There is nothing you can do, not a move you can make, not a thought you can have, that doesn't tap directly into E = mc². Einstein's equation is constantly at work, providing an unseen hand that shapes the world into its familiar form. It's an equation that tells of matter, energy and a remarkable bridge between them.

    Before E = mc², scientists described matter using two distinct attributes: how much the matter weighed (its mass) and how much change the matter could exert on its environment (its energy). A 19th century physicist would say that a baseball resting on the ground has the same mass as a baseball speeding along at 100 miles per hour. The key difference between the two balls, the physicist would emphasize, is that the fast-moving baseball has more energy: if sent ricocheting through a china shop, for example, it would surely break more dishes than the ball at rest. And once the moving ball has done its damage and stopped, the 19th-century physicist would say that it has exhausted its capacity for exerting change and hence contains no energy.

    After E = mc², scientists realized that this reasoning, however sensible it once seemed, was deeply flawed. Mass and energy are not distinct. They are the same basic stuff packaged in forms that make them appear different. Just as solid ice can melt into liquid water, Einstein showed, mass is a frozen form of energy that can be converted into the more familiar energy of motion. The amount of energy (E) produced by the conversion is given by his formula: multiply the amount of mass converted (m) by the speed of light squared (c²). Since the speed of light is a few hundred million meters per second (fast enough to travel around the earth seven times in a single second), c² , in these familiar units, is a huge number, about 100,000,000,000,000,000.

    A little bit of mass can thus yield enormous energy. The destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was fueled by converting less than an ounce of matter into energy; the energy consumed by New York City in a month is less than that contained in the newspaper you're holding. Far from having no energy, the baseball that has come to rest on the china shop's floor contains enough energy to keep an average car running continuously at 65 m.p.h. for about 5,000 years.

    Before 1905, the common view of energy and matter thus resembled a man carrying around his money in a box of solid gold. After the man spends his last dollar, he thinks he's broke. But then someone alerts him to his miscalculation; a substantial part of his wealth is not what's in the box, but the box itself. Similarly, until Einstein's insight, everyone was aware that matter, by virtue of its motion or position, could possess energy. What everyone missed is the enormous energetic wealth contained in mass itself.

    rest of article

    May Good Health Be Yours

    Same as it ever was...

    If and when GWBush gets indicted by a Grand Jury it won't be because he has consistently and constantly lied to U.S. Sovereigns.

    U.S. Sovereigns will demand his hide only because GWBush failed to keep the lie alive and reality managed to seep in.

    How dare GWBush get caught torturing Sovereigns. How he get caught outing a CIA operative. How dare he get caught holding false documents. Why hasn't he keep up his paid mercenaries use of terror like he promised?

    So now the lie is being exposed...

    U.S. Sovereigns and other Globalist will need a scapegoat. U.S. Sovereigns and other Globalist want someone else to die for their sins so that their lie may have eternal life. There will be no attempt to rectify the problem with a solution. There will only be a search for a better liar. The best of which in recent history was Ronald Reagan who has left this dimension for all appearances and the other top contender, Bill Clinton.

    Bill Clinton has served the controlling wealth hoarders of nature's abundance and can not without a change in the Constitution serve as President again. I'm sure dear reader you know the next propability...Hilary. Bill and Hilary are the tag team of the century and serve their masters well. Unfortunately for the general population this is more true tomorrow than yesterday.

    So there you have it.

    Even the illuminated Star Trek cited there were three WARS to finally establish permanent Military Rule.

    So we'll have our order filled. More continuation of WARS, FAMINE, PESTILENCE, and NATURAL MAN MADE DISASTERS.

    Why share when you can have it all?

    Be true to yourself, would you have it any other way?

    May Good Health Be Yours

    A List of Common Fallacies

    When we communicate with each other there must be common ground for us to do so. This webpage may help us understand each other a little better as it has a List of common fallacies.

    argument from omniscience: (e.g., All people believe in something. Everyone knows that.) An arguer would need omniscience to know about everyone's beliefs or disbeliefs or about their knowledge. Beware of words like "all," "everyone," "everything," "absolute."


    May good health be yours

    Saturday, October 15, 2005

    Dpes Light Exist Between Events?

    I've finally found a light theory to match my own. Mine is really simple and this theory I have recently found explains it well.

    I thought of light as a prperty of matter in the way that fire is a property of matter.

    You rub two sticks together and you get fire.

    It seemed to me if you rub two electrons together, you'd get light.

    A better understanding that light exists only at events and not between them is within this article

    Fellow Blogger Link

    Fellow Blogger has great site, Operation Yellow Elephant

    It's a pyramid!

    Friedman's globalized world isn't flat;It's a gigantic mountain

    This is a great article everyone who loves the USA should read!

    Welcome to Wal Mart Exposed

    Wal Mart's Business Plan

    1984 is closer than you think.

    Bush Family History

    It's sad that wealth hoarders get away with crimes against the USA.

    Bush Family History On Theater Marquee


    I had to grab my camera when I saw this , I was somewhat concerned that this was a bit "Deep" background for the potential audience , but my faith was refreshed when in the few minutes I was there taking a dozen or so photos, others joined me and pulled out their cell phone cameras and started commenting on specifics such as Silesian Steel , Harriman (Union Pacific Railroad) Thyssen and Brown Brothers. Conversation touched on Yale University , the secret male club Scull and Bones and some other very dark connections. So I suppose that the subject of the sign really needs no explanation, instead I'll just plug the theater: currently showing the Constant Gardner with Harrison Ford an explicitly political anti-globalization film with a touch of British quaintness.

    The Family You Keep
    by Steve Brown Sunday, Oct. 09, 2005 at 11:44 PM

    His full name Prescott Sheldon Bush, born in 1895 , at least he didn't give his son his own name....
    © 2000-2005 San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center. Unless otherwise stated by the author, all content is free for non-commercial reuse, reprint, and rebroadcast, on the net and elsewhere. Opinions are those of the contributors and are not necessarily endorsed by the SF Bay Area IMC.

    Flash Animation

    ACLU Pizza(flash animation)

    1984 is closer than you think.

    0h, there's more...stay connected.


    Proven reserves are not a measure of future supply

    The Middle East does not have two thirds of all world oil reserves
    , as is claimed by the oil companies and the US Dept. of Energy. It only has two thirds of "proven" oil reserves. According to the US Geological Survey, other categories of oil reserves need to be taken into account. They say the Middle East has only half to one third of recoverable world oil reserves.

    The idea that only the Middle East has the key to the world's energy future is not true and is politically dangerous.

    This an in-depth view

    Why Isn't Rush in Prison?

    I'm a white neocon --- no prison for me

    1984 is closer than you think.

    0h, there's more...stay connected.

    Defining Terms

    uploaded to flickr by freespirit

    0h, there's more...stay connected.

    IWW History

    clubbing in lawrence

    IWW photo of what Corporations have done to us in the past before labor laws were enacted.
    Those of us who think the eight hour day, the weekend, health care and vacations were given to workers are wrong.
    Workers were maimed, beaten, and killed.
    Even worker families died, including babies.

    IWW - Industrial Workers of the World

    1984 is closer than you think.

    0h, there's more...stay connected.

    Barbra Bush, Beautiful Mind of


    The movie "Fight Club", Janus Programming and using religion for mind control. If your interested in how someone can be used to do terrible things while thinking they are helping.

    These articles are very revealing into the nature of mind control.


    What goes good with fake news, fake documents and a fake President?

    Fake terrorists of course !!!

    Not only fake there's the added bonus of being totally illegal too.

    Great graphics and info

    Who should we invade next?

    This video shows just how ill informed and ignorant US Sovereigns are...

    (Take a closer look at the map they are presented with)

    0h, there's more...stay connected.

    'Mr Blair said: "There is no justification for Iran or any other country interfering in Iraq."

    Well then Mr. Blair, if as you say, there is no justification for Iran or any other country interfering in Iraq then why don't you get your troops the fuck out?!

    Perhaps it is because you mean there is no justification for any country but England and the USA who can interfer whenever they Fn want to do so.

    Can't you smell the horseshit?

    1984 is closer than you think.

    0h, there's more...stay connected.

    The New Battle Ground...

    As I've often reported, the WAR is no longer on the battle field it takes place in your mind.

    A worldview of mass censored propaganda is still used along with a new weapon, psyops.

    Once reserved for foreign nations it has come home to roost.

    Strategic Communication Laboratories is the leading supplier of Information Operations, Strategic Communication and Public Diplomacy services to governments and military clients worldwide.

    "The military conflicts of the 21st Century will not be fought on the ground, in the sea or in the air. They will be fought in the minds of your enemies and allies. You may have the weapons to win the territory, but do you have the weapons to win the 'hearts and minds?' "
    (US Defense Review, 2001)

    A Strategic Communication facility with fully trained staff, may be the most powerful weapon in your arsenal to resolve conflict and to achieve your military objectives.


    1984 is closer than you think.

    0h, there's more...stay connected.

    Like Many Activist I..

    wrote to Cindy Shehan.

    I wrote her to ask why she and others were calling the Police Action in Iraq a WAR.

    ONLY CONGRESS CAN DECLARE WAR and it has yet to do so.

    There is no WAR in Iraq.

    There was an invasion and an occupation of Iraq backed by US Police Actions, but no WAR.

    I know why GWBush doesn't tell us the truth.

    Why can't Cindy and Hilary Clinton tell us the truth?

    The Bourgeoisie Class...

    The bourgeoisie class selected dictator GWBushfraud continues to undermine Democratcy in the United States by allowing his bourgeoisien class members that control the private oil cartel controlling most of the oil of the earth to gouge and fleece U.S. Sovereign during a National Emergency Crisis known as Hurricane Katrina. While stating the current administration would not tolerate anyone raisning prices to generate extreme profits during this National Emergency, GWBushfraud sat on his hands while gasoline prices soared to record levels.

    What can a Sovereign do?

    How about we show some backbone and refuse to buy their gasoline?

    How about we refuse to work under these conditions?

    How about wethepeople get back to ruling our secular nation instead of cowering before the police state?

    Do you not realize that every power your let them steal from you they then use that power to steal more power from you?

    You are the source of all wealth and power.

    One day of refusing to go to work along with the statement that if prices do not return immediately to their pre-emergency level more lost days at work would occur.

    It's really quite simple. If they want to play their supply and demand game so should we.

    Drive down the demad by refusing to pay for gouging prices.

    Why won't this happen?

    Because quite frankly it seems U.S. Soveeigns find Democracy too inconvenient to maintain. As long as U.S. Sovereigns can live off the efforts of others before them the streets will be empty of practicing Democracy and instead full of consumers polluting the earth with their corruption.

    The bourgeoisie class always ready and willing to appear to sacrifice one of their own might even let Bushfraud go down for our crimes.

    Whatever...and no matter what, always, always wear that sick happy face, consumer of the Spectacle, first and always.



    0h, there's more...stay connected.

    It's great, this Internet Diversity. Check out headlines you won't see or hear on embedded networks...

    USA and opposition kooks can't grasp what Chavez tells them ... in good faith! commentarist Arthur Shaw writes: Dr. Susan Kaufman Purcell, director of the Center for Hemispheric Policy at the University of Miami testified, September 28, 2005, before the Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere of the US House International Relations Committee.
    The congressional hearing turned into a mini-festival of anti-Venezuela propaganda. Only US haters of Venezuela were invited to testify by the subcommittee.
    Dr. Purcell predictably repeated the main line of attack and slander of the US capitalist media and of US imperialist state under the American dictator George W. Bush against President Hugo Chavez.
    Here's Dr. Purcell's formulation of the lie and the slander that has become more or less a standard or a stable in US imperialist propaganda operations, especially after the Bush regime and its venal and servile Venezuelan quislings failed in April 2002 to permanently overthrow democracy in Venezuela.

    "Chavez then decided to use the electoral system to win the presidency and subsequently used democratic rules of the game to concentrate ever more power in his own hands.
    Civilian coups, whether engineered by autocratic populist opposition leaders or incumbent presidents who use democratic processes to undermine democracy, constitute serious challenges for the future of democracy in Latin America and for U.S. policy."

    It seems to be a good idea to talk about the various sources of the democratic rules which Dr. Purcell says President Chavez uses undemocratically.
    First, there is the inflamed US conceit that its political institutions and its electoral processes are the model of democracy and any departure from them in any way or to any degree constitutes a breach of the democratic ideal.

    rest of article here

    1984 is closer than you think.

    0h, there's more...stay connected.

    Social Security attacks are designed to place enough fear in those about to retire that they won't take to the streets...

    The baby booms are a massive citizenry. That's why they call them boomers, because there's so many of them.

    What is a Military Industrial Complex to do when these baby boomers leave the control of the workforce (forced to work for their survival)?
    You threaten to take away Social Security!

    The message has been sent out. You either fuck away your retirement as you've fucked away your youth, your middle age and your Sovereignty or we'll make you suffer.

    The excuse has already been planted in fertile soil and is growing as baby boomers begin to retire in large numbers.

    It's scared some so shitless that they dare not retire!

    Remember, if you get active in your old age they'll reach back and use the Social Security is bust cover story on you.

    So keep kissing ass and shut the hell up.

    Don't try to put it all together and know that the US controllers not only allowed 9-11 to happen, they made 9-11 happen!

    How much fake news, false documents, embedded media can one nation suffer before its Sovereigns wake up and dare look behind the curtain?

    Certainly it seems U.S. Sovereigns are willing to bury their heads in sports, sitcoms, embedded nightly news, movies and tabloid entertainment all sprinkled with beer and sex to drive heads further in the sand.

    Meanwhile everytime there's a crisis GWBushfraud wants U.S. Sovereigns to accept Military Rule in exchange for elected representatives to respond.

    If you won't accept dicatorial rule, then die.

    0h, there's more...stay connected!

    Where does the GOP turn to get out its message? Talk Radio.

    I guess all the bitching and moaning was just that, bitching and moaning.

    It seems the GOP finds nothing wrong with their dominance of Talk Radio, as a matter of fact they brag about it. Rush Limbaugh declares his winning entertainment show as the best thing about Amerika.

    Yet when it was perceived that Liberals (oh my!) had the winning lead, this was bad for Amerika.

    As long as the media is dominated by GOP talking points AmeriKa is just fine with the GOP.

    Of course it is!

    GOP neocons use think tanks (biased educational PR operations) and media then declare that Liberals are losing the argument because the GOP message appeals more to the general population. Yet when the GOP couldn't get their dog and pony show stated it was because of media bias.

    Suddenly now that Liberal ideas are being censored by the embedded media everything is right with AmeriKa.

    One whould expect Religous Fundamentalist to buy into this shit, along with CorpGovUSA business aligned in the Military Industrial Complex, after all war and terrorism like the cold war is great for profits, but what's up with U.S. Sovereigns?

    Perhaps they've given up having seen their leaders assassinated time after time.

    That is the most powerful idea the neocons have, if you can't join 'em, assassinate them!

    Am I being harsh?

    Whitness Pat Robertson's latest assassination statements regarding a duly elected President of a foreign nation.

    The case has been made and its time we returned to the future or we are doomed to keep repeating the past.

    The last time these hoods ruled the earth it was called the Dark Ages.

    1984 is closer than you think.

    0h, there's more...stay connected!

    The CIA
    The Left &
    Tabloid 9/11
    How the Fake
    9/11 operators
    are part of CIA
    control over the
    left in the USA.
    Also: 9/11 Was
    Made Tabloid
    by Fintan Dunne